Memory for Design: Not Just g

Memory for Design shows many relationships with vocational and educational criteria that cannot be accounted for by the general intelligence factor, g.

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Dissemination of Research 2014

As part of the Research Department's mission to communicate our research findings to the public, we continue to make presentations at professional conferences, write articles published in scholarly journals, and collaborate with other researchers.

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Long-term Stability of Pitch Discrimination and Rhythm Memory

For a number of years, we have been studying the long-term stability of our tests. In 2013, David Schroeder carried out a study on Pitch Discrimination and Rhythm Memory and reported his findings in Statistical Bulletin 2013-12, Long-Term Stability for Pitch Discrimination and Rhythm Memory.

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Musical Abilities

We test three auditory abilities: Tonal Memory, Pitch Discrimination, and Rhythm Memory. We did a study that showed that scores on these tests are indeed high for musicians, but also for people in a range of other occupations.

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