NOTEDuring the pandemic, to minimize traffic in our offices, all testing will be conducted in one day, lasting about 6–6 1⁄2 hours. Evaluation conferences will be conducted over Zoom. Check with your local office for start times and other scheduling details.

Our aptitude testing program consists of two sessions, each about three and a half hours long, and the evaluation conference, which can take one to one and a half hours.

These appointments may be scheduled on consecutive days or spread out over several days or even weeks if you prefer, with no effect on the results. Morning sessions start at 8:30 or 9:00 am and afternoon sessions start at 1:00 or 1:30 pm, depending on the local office. At this time, we are only offering all-day testing to minimize traffic in our offices. The evaluation conferences are scheduled on a separate day from testing and can held at various times throughout the day. You are welcome to invite anyone you’d like (friend, partner, parent, etc.) to join the evaluation sessions.

Please call or email the testing center directly to arrange your appointment times.

If the person being tested has learning differences, please let us know when scheduling. If you have questions about whether the testing is appropriate, see here. If you need to discuss it further, please call the testing center and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Our testing offices are generally open Monday through Friday. At some offices, Saturday testing is also available. Please check with the center where you plan to be tested. In addition, all offices are open during Christmas and New Year’s weeks and on the following holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day. You should schedule your appointments in advance, especially for holidays and school vacation times.


Our current fee is $850 in all our offices. That flat fee (less than the cost of a university course) includes six hours of testing, one 60-90 minute results consultation and a second, optional consultation that can be taken within a year of testing. Written materials (report and e-book) are also included. As a nonprofit organization, we are firmly committed to keeping prices as low as possible while covering our operating costs.

We request a $100 deposit to hold appointments. The balance is due upon your arrival for the first appointment. We accept all major credit cards; payment may also be in the form of cash or personal check. We will refund your deposit if we receive a cancellation or appointment change request at least two business days prior to the scheduled date.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for any amount. If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate, please call our accounting department at 617-536-1584, or email for more information.

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