While our minimum age for testing is fourteen, there really is no maximum age or “best” time to take the tests. Finding out about your natural abilities at any age is beneficial.

High school students

High school students preparing for college make up one portion of the Foundation’s clients. Identifying strengths and weaknesses as a result of aptitude testing can make the process of making decisions about schools and majors much easier. Before investing time and money in education, it makes sense to give some thought to how that education relates to careers.

College students and recent college graduates

College students may have already made some decisions about education and career, and they will benefit from learning about their aptitudes too. Gaining insight into which role is most appropriate for them within a given field, or learning about new ideas they hadn’t previously considered, are just two examples of the kinds of information college students would obtain from our testing.

Working adults

About half our clients are employed adults who want help in planning their career path. Adults who decide to take advantage of the Foundation’s aptitude testing program include people unhappy or dissatisfied by their current jobs, those facing promotions or transfers, and those who are facing downsizing or other types of career transition.

It is also valuable for adults considering further education, contemplating opening a business, who are thinking about entirely new careers, or who are returning to work after raising a family. Even those about to retire who are looking for ways to make their retirement years satisfying and productive may find that learning about their aptitudes helps them make more informed decisions.

Testing and Learning Differences

While aptitude testing is helpful for many people, it is not for everyone. If we determine that, for whatever reason, the testing process is not yielding accurate results, we reserve the right to stop the testing. Please visit our FAQs page for more details about testing with learning differences or autism.

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