If you would like to discuss your test scores again, you may call to schedule a follow-up conference. This conference can take place at any of our testing centers; it need not be at the place you were originally tested. Your first follow-up is free if scheduled within a year of completing the program. For subsequent follow-ups there is a fee of $100.

To schedule appointments please contact any of our offices.

How to Make the Most of a Follow-up

Almost everybody needs time to assimilate the information and explore the options discussed in a summary. Many of our clients can then easily apply that knowledge to the choices they are making. However, if you are still uncertain about how you might use your aptitudes, consider the potential advantages of having a follow-up conference.

Who can benefit?

Who can benefit from a follow-up? People who feel that further discussion of the test results could be helpful in their school and career decision-making, including:

  • students who took the tests in their teens who are still making educational decisions—changing majors, preparing for graduate school
  • students and recent graduates preparing to enter the work force and still deciding about specific jobs or careers
  • adults who are dissatisfied with their current jobs but aren’t sure why
  • employees facing changes at work (layoffs, downsizing, reorganizations) who need to know how their aptitudes might be applied in new career areas
  • people who are voluntarily looking to change careers or explore new options
  • those whose circumstances or interests have changed since they were tested
  • those exploring how to apply their aptitudes to retirement activities

What should I expect?

What should I expect from a follow-up? The appointment generally lasts about an hour and a half. It is your time to discuss the issues that are important to you and how your aptitudes relate to your new interests, circumstances, plans, and opportunities. You may ask questions, explore one or more specific job possibilities, or even redo your summary from the beginning. For some people, the summary expands the number of possibilities they are considering; a follow-up can then be a tool for helping narrow down the search again. For our research, we may ask you to retake a test. You may also have the option of taking any new tests we have developed since you were tested, retaking an interest test, or taking a vocabulary test to see if your score has increased.

How should I prepare?

How should I prepare for my follow-up? A few recommendations:

  • Review your test results and the accompanying materials so you are familiar with the basic information before you come in. Some people are even able to find out what they need or have their questions answered merely by re-examining their results on their own. (If you can’t find your results, contact the office where you were tested. For a small fee, we can provide you with a new copy.)
  • Think about specific questions you have or issues you’d like to discuss. This process can also serve to clarify your thoughts and feelings about your current situation.
  • Consider bringing someone with you who might add another perspective to the process.
  • Call in advance to schedule your appointment at any one of our offices. Your records can be sent from the office where you were tested if necessary.

Follow-ups are available to you as often and as far into the future as you wish. Your first one is free if scheduled within one year of your testing. We charge $100.00 for follow-up conferences scheduled more than a year after your initial summary (and for additional appointments after the first free one). Please let us know if we can help!

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