Our Roots

The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation originated with the belief of our founder, Johnson O’Connor, that every individual has their own unique combination of innate abilities (aptitudes) and that understanding those abilities and how to use them could be the basis for a happier life. That belief fueled his lifelong commitment to discovering, isolating, and measuring as many human aptitudes as possible. We are privileged to continue his mission today as a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization.

A Research-First Foundation

O’Connor’s research and aptitude test development began in 1922. To this day, our in-house research department continues his study of human aptitudes and careers. 

We are always conducting research to improve our aptitude measurements, discover new aptitudes, and enhance our ability to interpret aptitude test scores for our clients and the public at large. We keep in touch through technical bulletins and follow-ups with our examinees and we test workers in diverse occupational groups to help us better understand aptitude patterns. Our full-time research department allows us to revise and refine our tests and scores to better serve our clients. 

A People-Centered Testing Service

Our research continues to evolve due to its symbiotic relationship with our clients who can access O’Connor’s proprietary aptitude test battery in one of our 15 testing centers across the United States. We have traditionally referred to our testing centers as “laboratories” as a nod to the fact that every client who goes through our testing program is contributing their unique combination of aptitudes and interests to our continuing research.

Unlike quick online career tests, our testing experience is just that—an experience. Clients spend six hours with our dedicated staff, away from modern distractions, providing the mental space to engage with a variety of unique assessments from reasonings to workplace personality to ideation. Each person’s unique combination of low, average, and high scores is discussed with them in 60-90 minute sessions led by a trained aptitude consultant.

It was Johnson O’Connor’s hope that the self-knowledge provided by aptitude testing would become a part of each person who took the tests, a lens they can view the world through and use to evaluate their opportunities. Because aptitudes are relatively stable over time, this information never expires and can be used at any career stage to make choices that are most likely to lead to a full, satisfying life.

Real Research. Real Results. Since 1922.


Since its inception as a nonprofit, the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation has had two goals: to further – by research, tests, measurements, publications, and teaching – an understanding of human beings and of their actions, both as individuals and in groups, and to make the results available to the public; and to collect data in connection with the activities to be conducted and then to explain the significance of such data, and to disseminate the knowledge so acquired. 

Through our testing program, clients learn about their particular set of natural traits which then empowers them to make educated choices about school and work. Through our research, publications, and presentations, we contribute to a wider understanding of humans as individuals.

Our History

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