Goals of the Research Department

The isolation of aptitudes and the study of their role in various occupations.
The development of accurate measures of aptitudes.
The investigation of the role of aptitudes in education.

The evaluation of age and sex differences and the effect of practice on test performance.
The study of the processes involved in the acquisition of knowledge.
The development of accurate measures of knowledge.
The communication of research findings to the public.

Our Work

Over the years, the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation has tested hundreds of thousands of people, from a wide range of ages and a strong diversity of career fields. We have therefore amassed a huge amount of data we can use to learn about the internal characteristics of our tests and to study the construct validity of the aptitudes we measure.

Our “Technical and Annual Reports” section features write-ups of much of this work. The Technical Reports are mainly written for psychologists, psychometricians, and others working in the field of individual differences. The Annual Reports are written for a more general audience and serve as an overview of the topics we’ve been studying.

We offer free PDFs of research publications, when available. Please direct requests for copies, or any other inquiries, to research@jocrf.org.

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