Technical Reports

The following Technical Reports are available for sale. Please direct inquiries to

2017-1: Occupations in Education, C. Condon, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

2013-1: Sex Differences in Variability, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

2012-3: Four Studies of the Self-Directed Search D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

2012-2: The Aptitudes of Engineering Students C. Condon, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

2012-1: Aptitudes, Vocabulary, and Educational Attainment D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

2008-2: Memory for Design: Internal Characteristics and Validation Data D.H. Schroeder, C. Condon, $8.00

2008-1: Is The Flynn Effect Primarily a Rise in Structural Visualization? C. Condon, D.H. Schroeder, $8.00

2007-1: Analysis of Fixed Piece and Standard Administrations and Alternative Scoring Methods on the Wiggly Block Test D.H. Schroeder, C. Condon, $8.00

2005-1: The Aptitudes of Attorneys S.H. Goldman, D.H. Schroeder, K. Jang, $8.00

2003-1: The Aptitudes of Software Engineers R. Burke, T. Fitzgerald, $6.00

1999-1: Factors Affecting Word Association Responses T. B. McAveeney, $4.00

1998-1: Artistic Judgment: Review of Project and Study of Schoolchildren D.H. Schroeder, N. Bezruczko, $5.00

1997-1: Long-Term Stability of 11 Aptitudes J.K. Bethscheider, D.H. Schroeder, $5.00

1994-1: Annotated Bibliography of Vocabulary-Related Work Produced by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation. M. A. Shand, $16.50

1992-2: The Spelling Project K.E. Green, D.H. Schroeder, $8.00

1991-1: Artistic Judgment III: Artist Validation N. Bezruczko, D.H. Schroeder, $5.00

1990-6: Construction and Analysis of Semantic Properties of Alternate Form of the Personality Worksample E.M. Veccia, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

1990-5: Vocabulary Scores of Managers R.C. Gershon, $4.00

1990-4: Artistic Judgment II: Construct Validation N. Bezruczko, D.H. Schroeder, $5.00

1990-3: Rasch-Model Procedures Used to Build the JOCRF Vocabulary Item Bank R.C Gershon, $4.00

1990-2: The Color Discrimination Project J.K. Bethscheider, $4.00

1990-1: Development and Internal Structural Analysis of a New Pitch Discrimination Test E.M. Veccia, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

1989-2: Artistic Judgment Project I: Internal Structural Analyses N. Bezruczko, D.H. Schroeder, $4.00

1989-1: The Aptitudes of Dentists J.K. Bethscheider, $4.00

1988-6: Item Analysis of the Paper Folding Test M. Zimowski, W. Wothke, $4.00

1988-5: The Measurement of Structural Visualization: An Evaluation of Spatial and Nonspatial Sources of Variation in the Wiggly Block and Paper Folding Test Scores M. Zimowski, W. Wothke, $5.00

1988-4: The Perceptual Abilities Project J.K. Bethscheider, $4.00

1988-3: Index of Words in the JOCRF Vocabulary Item Bank R.C. Gershon, $4.00

1988-2: Analysis of Cognitive Style Measures K.E. Green, $4.00

1988-1: Artistic Judgment: A Review of Research N. Bezruczko, $4.00

1987-1: The Numerical Facility Project J. Tal, $4.00

1986-2: Aptitudes of Guidance Counselors J. Tal, $2.50

1985-5: Aptitudes of Journalists, J. Tal, $2.50

1985-4: Analysis and Revisions of Vocabulary Worksample 708 G. Supanich, B. Ingram, $4.00

1985-3: Numerical Facility: A Review of the Literature J. Tal, $4.00

1985-1: Cognitive Style: A Review of the Literature K.E. Green, $2.50

1984-2: Intra-Person Variability in Cognitive Test Performance M. Daniel, $35.40

1984-1: The Vocabulary Scores of Company Presidents R. Smith, G. Supanich, $2.50