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Each test word is printed in BOLD CAPITAL letters in a phrase. From the five choices on the next line, select the one that comes closest in meaning to the meaning of the test word. After you have completed the test, score yourself by going to the answers.

Group 1

1 She ESTABLISHED the business.
a) announced b) bought c) sold d) improved e) set up

2 Enjoying the EXPEDITION.
a) visit b) display c) journey d) boat race e) sights

3 Best way to INSTRUCT
a) forget b) teach c) learn d) punish e) build

4 GNARLED branches.
a) old b) decorated c) smooth d) diseased e) twisted

5 Tried to FLATTER him.
a) insult b) improve c) overpraise d) crush e) agree with

a) wiped out b) stopped c) beaten up d) cured e) thrown away

7 Began to LAG.
a) sink b) give up c) breathe heavily d) fall behind e) catch up

8 FATAL blows.
a) deadly b) soft c) natural d) first e) painful

9 Powerful HEX.
a) evil b) prayer c) tool d) fear e) curse

10 Clever IMPOSTOR.
a) detective b) customer c) magician d) faker e) thief

Group 2

1 Read the CONTRACT.
a) report b) instructions c) agreement d) decision e) statement

2 Watched them SLITHER.
a) fall b) slide c) run d) jump e) fly

3 They were LEGISLATORS.
a) leaders b) teachers c) judges d) lawyers e) lawmakers

4 Running PARALLEL.
a) side by side b) to a point c) across d) opposite e) at angles

5 Completely LOGICAL.
a) reasonable b) wonderful c) serious d) true e) stupid

6 FIENDISH plans.
a) childish b) wonderful c) poor d) difficult e) devilish

a) servant b) owner c) father d) ruler e) kingdom

8 I can’t RECOLLECT.
a) win b) remember c) say d) forget e) refuse

a) groans b) sighs c) sneezes d) shouts e) laughs

10 What is your VERDICT?
a) belief b) charge c) decision d) request e) excuse

Group 3

a) foolish b) fascinating c) forbidden d) disgusting e) frightening

2 ENTRENCHED in their position.
a) fixed firmly b) lowered c) supported d) expected e) left

3 IDLE machines.
a) slow b) busy c) perfect d) poor e) unused

4 They ERECTED the statue.
a) moved b) tore down c) straightened d) raised up e) admired

5 Wanted to EVALUATE it.
a) buy b) destroy c) rate d) improve e) sell

6 NEGLIGENT parents.
a) harsh b) helpful c) hardworking d) easygoing e) careless

7 SERENE attitude.
a) eager b) peaceful c) disgusting d) necessary e) hopeful

8 POTENTIAL candidates.
a) usual b) hopeless c) powerful d) possible e) young

9 They OBSTRUCTED the corridor.
a) built b) opened up c) blocked d) destroyed e) stood in

10 RADIANT expressions.
a) sorrowful b) glowing c) unfriendly d) confident e) cheerful

Group 4

a) church b) nobility c) magicians d) peasants e) businessman

2 Strange LUSTER.
a) appearance b) shape c) smoothness d) warmth e) brightness

3 Who will SUPERINTEND them?
a) manage b) protect c) expect d) obey e) improve

4 Great ZEAL.
a) pity b) confidence c) eagerness d) importance e) hope

5 SHIRK responsibility.
a) seek b) laugh at c) avoid d) lose e) hate

a) game b) payment c) pity d) sickness e) pride

7 Inclined to RAMBLE.
a) return b) shake c) fall d) rush e) wander

8 Surprised by the STENCH.
a) mess b) stink c) dust d) noise e) heat

9 Great REMORSE.
a) ability b) pleasure c) hatred d) regret e) anger

10 New FORMAT.
a) covering b) arrangement c) contents d) idea e) requirements

Group 5

a) meek b) convincing c) royal d) overbearing e) businesslike

2 We RELISH it.
a) dislike b) need c) study d) approve of e) enjoy

3 DON the coat.
a) put on b) finish c) brush d) take off e) choose

a) fast dance b) hobby c) criminal d) investment e) means of support

5 To ASSERT that it is true.
a) believe b) pretend c) hope d) declare e) deny

6 INVOKE his mercy.
a) hope for b) expect c) call upon d) accept e) refuse

7 Discussed its UTILITY.
a) power b) usefulness c) importance d) result e) uselessness

8 They PARTITIONED the area.

a) divided b) sought c) destroyed d) united e) surrounded

9 GROPE for them.
a) go out b) wish c) ask angrily d) feel blindly e) wait

10 A common FALLACY.
a) false idea b) understanding c) lie d) old saying e) truth

Group 6

1 Remarkable AFFINITY.
a) concern b) distrust c) attraction d) history e) distance

2 Amazing VISTA.
a) area b) future c) view d) times e) idea

3 ASPIRE to be the leader.
a) demand b) ask c) long d) claim e) refuse

4 Completely ASSIMILATED.
a) rejected b) hidden c) absorbed d) recognized e) revealed

5 The IMPETUS behind it.
a) rushing around b) happiness c) thought d) moving force e) indifference

6 ARDENT desire.
a) new b) real c) constant d) burning e) mild

7 He will CONFOUND you.
a) anger b) please c) discover d) impress e) confuse

8 REVEL until dawn.
a) sleep b) make merry c) fight d) sing e) work hard

9 BESTIAL behavior.
a) criminal b) excellent c) animal-like d) logical e) unusual

10 Forget about the ORDEAL.
a) triumph b) contract c) accident d) severe trial e) strange sight

Group 7

1 Why did they VILIFY him?
a) slander b) appease c) despise d) terrify e) cheat

2 ABNEGATION is a way of life.
a) improvement b) cancellation c) self-denial d) indulgence e) purity

3 AMENABLE people.
a) happy b) submissive c) irresponsible d) holy e) fragile

4 ASCETIC habits.
a) holy b) self-indulgent c) beautiful d) austere e) powerful

5 BELLICOSE manner.
a) warlike b) peaceful c) comical d) overweight e) evil

6 She was BENIGN.
a) kindly b) lovely c) silent d) malicious e) unforgiving

7 They were CREDULOUS.
a) stupid b) unknown c) extravagant d) suspicious e) gullible

8 The PARADIGM was discussed.
a) story b) model c) lesson d) copy e) result

9 SEQUESTER the animal.
a) isolate b) assemble c) harass d) protect e) follow

10 A STODGY person.
a) lively b) old c) cruel d) dull e) clever

Group 8

1 EQUABLE behavior.
a) irascible b) fair-minded c) pliable d) even-tempered e) rational

a) mysterious b) ancient c) spurious d) inspired e) deceitful

3 Her REFULGENT smile.
a) disgusting b) gleaming c) swelling d) echoing e) exciting

4 MERETRICIOUS appearance.
a) exemplary b) elegant c) tawdry d) auspicious e) fiendish

5 Muttering an IMPRECATION.
a) praise b) involvement c) curse d) accusation e) shout

a) spoil b) cleanse c) soften d) remove e) transform

7 PROTEAN force.
a) powerful b) invisible c) nautical d) growing e) changeable

8 A PERSPICUOUS meaning.
a) hidden b) difficult c) uncommon d) famous e) clear

9 To OBVIATE the problem.
a) conceal b) reveal c) change d) prevent e) reduce

10 FULSOME speech.
a) pleasant b) sickening c) flowery d) important e) deceitful

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