Post by Kevin Jones

Thirty years ago I had the opportunity to take the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation’s aptitude tests. Now I have two degrees and at least two careers under my belt. Thanks to learning about about my aptitudes, I transformed a liberal arts degree with a myriad of interests into a successful and rewarding career.

The trained staff at JOCRF helped me embrace my strongest aptitudes. I then used this understanding to assess my career choices. For example, I gravitated to senior roles with nonprofits where I could use my high Foresight as well as my Inductive and Analytical Reasonings to solve complex community problems. Within the nonprofit sector, I found that my high score in Ideaphoria gave me the foundation I needed to excel at fundraising. And being Subjective informed me that I needed a personal connection to my work.

I recently changed careers again after twenty-five years in fundraising. I managed this transition successfully by once again embracing my strongest aptitudes. Now I work with greater independence on international business development for a technology solutions provider. This career choice would not have occurred to me at first. Because I was able to develop greater confidence in my natural aptitudes I could challenge myself with new opportunities.

I know my life is happier, the contributions to my work are more fulfilling and my self-confidence and self-esteem are immeasurably better thanks to the insights I gleaned from my experience with Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.

Kevin Jones
VP US Business Development
Ingenious Softworks

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