Digital badges are virtual emblems that recognize, legitimize and professionalize your aptitude testing achievement with the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. Your badge is uniquely linked to you.

You can share your digital badge to popular online social media and professional platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It can also be embedded in a résumé, your personal website, or your email signature. Anyone who views your badge can select it to learn more about the aptitude testing you completed and its value.

After you’ve finished your aptitude testing, you’ll be issued a badge through our partner, the digital badging organization BadgeCert.

Digital badges provide recognition that you completed our aptitude testing program and provide a way to share and discuss that achievement with others.

Digital badges can be shared on LinkedIn or in résumés, personal websites or digital portfolios, allowing you to communicate your aptitude testing experience to employers and to network with other alumni of the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation.

Digital badges can be shared in college applications, résumés, personal websites or digital portfolios, providing that extra edge for students applying for colleges, scholarships, internships, or other programs.

Digital badges will be issued to you by BadgeCert after your testing is finished.

You will receive an email from with instructions for claiming and using your badge.

You will need your email address to access your badge, so clients should provide their own email address (not a parent’s or family member’s) to be issued a badge.

There may be up to a week between when you finished your testing and when your badge is issued to you.

Yes. We’re happy to issue badges free of charge to our testing alumni. Please be aware that the issuing date will be the day we issue the badge, not the dates you did the testing.

Please contact the office you tested in, so they can confirm your information and start the issuing process.

Your badge will include the following description of our aptitude testing service:


These badges will not list your personal aptitude test scores but will explain what aptitude testing is and its value.

Yes, you have the option to download a printable pdf certificate of your badge. There will be instructions for this in the issuing email.


No, your badge will not expire.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide badges based on specific scores at this time.


Your issuing email will have instructions for logging in, but you do not need to log into the BadgeCert portal to access your badge.


BadgeCert offers many user guides for troubleshooting issues with your badge. You can find those guides here.

If your account becomes locked or you need to change or update your name or email address, please contact

You can add an alternate email address on your own in your account.

No. If you don’t want a badge, you can either ignore the issuing email or tell staff you’d rather not be issued one.

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