To whom it may concern, 

I promised to let you know how things worked out for me after being tested in November of 2014, and it’s good news. Thanks to your analysis of my aptitudes and your guidance in what kind of jobs to look for, I have landed a new career!

I was a teacher for 15 years, specializing in Arts & Crafts and French. Now I felt comfortable considering jobs I wouldn’t have before. Based on my aptitudes for Visual Arts and the Dexterities combined with my newly discovered Auditory Aptitudes, I added “music” to my job search. If only I could find a way to work more music into my life!

Well, I considered piano restoration, but they did not consider me. Then I found a music company looking for “musical instrument technicians” and they were willing to train! I told them about my Johnson O’Connor experience when I applied about a month after I was tested. I got a call for an interview soon after, which included taking apart a clarinet and putting it all back together! Wow. I felt like I was back at Johnson O’Connor! I guess I did pretty well, because I got a call asking if I could start full-time in June, when another technician was leaving. Of course I said yes!

I have been working for this company since June of 2015, mainly cleaning and repairing string instruments, much to my delight. I love working with wood specifically, having made wooden signs for peoples’ homes and gardens in the past. In October I was promoted to assistant to the head technician and have started training fixing woodwind instruments. It seems like a perfect fit, combining many of my aptitudes. It is a fascinating job. I thank you for steering me in a new direction. I am quite happy.


Patricia Keyes

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