What I wouldn’t give to have known about Johnson O’Connor in high school and had my aptitudes tested before heading off to college. It pains me to think about the time and money I could’ve saved by knowing myself rather than relying on my own self-perception. Before getting my aptitudes tested by Johnson O’Connor, I felt lost, unfulfilled, and unsure of my career choice. Like most, I had chosen my career path based on self-perceived fondness and good pay.

After college I worked for one of the best companies in my field and was doing well. However, during my career I would frequently find myself asking questions like “Did I really pick the right major in school?” “Am I actually good at this?” “Can I really do this for the rest of my life?” I felt that I was meant for something different, but I just didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, a close relative of mine who was aware of my situation and in the executive search business told me about Johnson O’Connor. She told me how they used a battery of research-based scientific tests to reveal one’s natural born gifts and abilities, known as aptitudes. Then, using over one-hundred years of accumulated research, one’s unique set of revealed aptitudes will link them to certain career fields and specific job options utilizing their strengths. I was very intrigued at what Johnson O’Connor might be able to tell me about myself. So, at 28 I decided to be tested. After I got my results, my outlook on life changed.

I discovered my true aptitudes, not my self-perceived ones. My results directly correlated and explained so many different facets of my life, not just my career. I finally understood why some aspects of my career and schooling were more difficult than others and got real answers and reasons for my disinterest and lack of motivation. Most importantly, Johnson O’Connor gave me a true understanding of myself, a confidence in things I was unsure of and a direction to take, moving forward.

Only time will tell, but I truly believe everyone, young and old, should have their aptitudes tested. Individuals who utilize their natural aptitudes are statistically happier and more successful at what they do in life.

– Todd Eatherly

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