“It has been some time since my evaluation; however, your assessment has stuck with me, continuing to influence my academic and career directions.

When you tested me four years ago, I had barely any interest, confidence, or advanced coursework in quantitative areas. I hadn’t been exposed to a lot of mathematics growing up (no special elementary or middle school programs or clubs) so I just had a general apathy towards quantitative stuff.

I had just graduated from high school and was starting university, but no subjects or careers really moved me, and I was lost as to what I wanted to do and what I could excel in. A family friend encourages employees of his company to go through the testing for their own enrichment, because he did as a youth and it really helped him. He wants his employees to be in the best possible positions within his company; he trusts the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation to reveal their aptitudes.

My father asked me if I would like to take the tests and I agreed. I had no preconceptions of the experience since I hadn’t taken any similar types of tests before. “Aptitude Test” can sound intimidating, but I was more interested than afraid, and that’s how it went. I remember feeling that the tests were a little odd (strange contraptions and measurements, etc.) but that they were also kind of fun. They weren’t distressing or too draining, and the pace was such that I could actually enjoy what I was doing while trying my best.

After taking a calculus course my first semester, I became fascinated by mathematics and was delighted that I had the facility to pursue that as a career. Accordingly, I decided to direct myself towards quantitative subjects. Equipped with the confidence from your assessment’s indication that I held strong numerical and logical abilities, I undertook a mathematics degree. I graduated with that degree in June and now am heading back to university for a graduate program in statistics.

I’ll be doing my statistics graduate studies at University of California, Santa Barbara—the same school where I completed my bachelor’s. Higher academic degrees are required for research work so I look forward to further education.

In a circular way, your test planted the confidence in me to undertake an area of study that suddenly captivated me, but that I had originally considered out of bounds, and my continued interest and studies in that area confirm the validity and accuracy of your testing. Furthermore, as revealed by my internships and academic projects, I excel most when working individually, concurring with your statements about my subjective personality and what that means in relation to my research capacities.

Thank you for your illuminating and game-changing recommendations, I am sure they will continue to positively influence my life.”

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