Grushenka A., Army, New York

The JOC assisted in reassuring me that I was focusing on the correct civilian path with regards to which type of career I should pursue. Before the test, I knew that I wanted to go into the business world (given that I have an MBA) but I had no true direction and this assessment gave me the tools that I needed to make an educated decision. It helped me start the research of a career that due to my natural abilities I could excel at.

Bottom line, I had an idea but this gave me a sanity check and oriented me towards a narrower path. Overall, a great experience! I would definitely recommend this type of analysis to a fellow veteran, especially anyone who is thinking of making a career switch or someone who finds themselves unsatisfied at their current career. The test is extremely helpful in understanding what one is good at—basically what comes naturally—thus providing a better understanding of what type of job will make you succeed in Corporate America.

While in the Army, a profession is chosen for you, but with this type of analysis the power is turned over to the individual. The test helped me understand why I felt intrinsically motivated while doing certain jobs and what it is that I need to keep me motivated and satisfied in a career choice. For me personally, it reiterated my love for numbers and that the business world is where I would be the most efficient, competent, and happiest. It has given me the confidence to know that I will be successful in Corporate America but that there are some attributes that I need to take into consideration. Thank you ACP for allowing me to take part in this great program!

Kelly K., Air Force, NYC

I have to admit, I didn’t think that I was going find out anything about myself that I didn’t already know. Immediately after I saw all my results and what exactly they meant I realized that there was so very much I didn’t know about myself. JOC has created and organized their tests in such a way that virtually every aspect of an individual is measured. They go so far as to measure everything from different types of memory and hand eye coordination, to foresight and color palettes. With all this information they provide you an individual aptitude profile that they compare with your interests and explain exactly how your natural abilities play into different careers. It helped to highlight certain natural abilities and how they correspond with careers that would be best suited for me. In addition to that, it helps identify where your interests, work history, and natural aptitudes intersect, which points you towards the best-suited career field.

I cannot express how impressed I was with what I have gained from JOC. It has provided me concrete information to fine tune my efforts to be more effective and satisfying in all aspects of my life, not just my career direction.

Edward S., Marine Corps, Chicago

The JOC aptitude evaluation was very valuable in providing an objective assessment of my skills and abilities. I found the staff to be very competent and professional which made the results more powerful; I felt confident that I was being evaluated by people who knew what they were doing and by testing methods that had been thoroughly vetted. It was motivating on the occasions when my own biased view of my abilities lined up with the unbiased perspective of the experts, and liberating to learn new things about myself.

I would absolutely recommend the JOC test to all my fellow veterans. In my experience, a critical phase of the transition process is turning the corner from looking at all possible outcomes to a relatively narrow field of best possible targets and this aptitude assessment is one of the tools to enable that process. Overall, I left the evaluation and counseling session feeling empowered and better directed to focus my natural abilities.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Jeff C., Marine Corps, E-Mentoring

The JOC test provided sagacious results on the detailed interworkings of my aptitudes/strengths. It has given me unique information and insights that I have not gotten anywhere! In fact, some of the things I assumed about my abilities were 100% wrong, something I would have never learned without this opportunity.

At JOC, I was given several potential career paths suited for my internal wiring/strengths. This exclusive information will definitely help me clarify my personal professional goals, as well as align my interests to achieve more personal self-fulfillment and professional satisfaction. The testing was not your standard “answer the question to what best suits you” test. Most of the individual tests were timed thinking/motor skills related, requiring interpretation, hand-to-eye coordination and speed. The results definitely helped illuminate my innate talents and will help in selecting a position that aligns with my natural gifts, as well as pursuits that will challenge me intellectually so I can better attain personal fulfillment.

I’m still digesting the evalutation briefing I received and need to conduct more research on how I can incorporate the results into my life, re-think my current paradigm, and shift my focus towards something more meaningful and in tune with my strengths. This experience will help clarify my personal and professional goals, once I grasp its depth and decide how to integrate its concepts into my life.

I would definitely recommend the JOC aptitude testing to fellow veterans! I plan on having all my kids take it too. Thank you again for this unique opportunity!

John K., Army, E-Mentoring

Learning my aptitudes has helped me learn what careers I should pursue upon my transition from the military. I always had a vague feeling of uneasiness while in the Army and now I can realize it comes from being in a line of work where many of my aptitudes are not being used. Understanding my strengths has been of immense help in narrowing down my career search.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn about my aptitudes from the JOC test. It has helped me narrow my search down to a position where my aptitudes align with my career goals. I think personally it has helped my wife understand the reasons why I would like to transition into a new career after my commitment to the service.

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