“I had never been sure what a fulfilling career for me would be. In college I changed my major multiple times and had to pay for an extra year of school to graduate. I tried multiple jobs, but none seemed to fit, so I went back for a Master’s degree in a different field, but still did not feel in my sweet spot.

After a great deal of study and reflection, I began to discover what I truly enjoy spending my time on. However, before starting any other career path, I wanted confirmation that my investment of money and time would be well spent and put me on a long-term fulfilling path. The Johnson O’Connor aptitude tests were just what I was looking for. My results informed me I was born to be good at counseling and teaching adults. The Johnson O’Connor staff were very helpful in giving me ideas for how to align my career with my strengths. Knowing this gave me unshakable confidence to pursue my dream of training and working as a Life Coach, as well as helped me customize my work to be both effective and enjoyable.

I now highly recommend the Johnson O’Connor aptitude tests to everyone, as it is an excellent tool for objectively understanding our strengths and weaknesses in a way that we can immediately put to use improving our success and enjoyment of life.”

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