Going Green

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my first job in a new field. I will be working as an office manager and in-house graphic designer for a green architecture firm in Berkeley. Your analysis was absolutely invaluable in targeting this field and understanding that my ultimate goals are much more long range and do not include management.

I will immediately get to use my analytical aptitudes in organizing their office systems, but ultimately hope to use this as an insider's view of the green building field so I can figure out what my next step will be toward eventually being more directly involved in the design process (either in architecture itself, solar engineering, or some other related area).

Over the past months I have also gotten interested in VR technology as well so hope I can perhaps be part of introducing this into the architecture office's longer term marketing strategy and then be able to research it more and learn how to create VR environments. Who knows exactly, but having your voice in my ear saying "3-D design, creative, long range goals, work deeply with a small group, become an expert..." helped me so much in figuring out how to navigate my job search. I know this is just the beginning and I am really excited to see how it all unfolds. I could not have had this sort of clarity without my aptitude assessments, and the expert counseling around them which I received from you. I want to thank you for the high quality of our interactions throughout testing and especially for our assessment conversation afterwords. The information I have received about myself because of these tests is probably the most transformative information I have ever gotten. It is really helpful to be able to rule out so much that has up to this point just added to my confusion and indecision.

I think this is basically the first time in my life that I feel that there is nothing wrong with me and I just can't even imagine at this point how that simple shift is going to change my experience of life...but it already is each day. Thank you so much for all you do.