Articles About Aptitudes and Aptitude Patterns

Auditory Aptitudes: Not Just for Musicians
Some ideas for how to use auditory aptitudes in careers outside of music are outlined in Auditory Aptitudes:  Not Just For Musicians.

Choosing Your Way With Words
Choosing Your Way With Words describes how one's aptitude pattern might influence natural writing style.

From Economics to Film: One Who Dared to Switch
Read about how aptitude testing helped a student find a satisfying new college major in From Economics to Film:  One Who Dared To Switch.

High Ideaphoria and Teaching
High Ideaphoria and Teaching discusses how teaching can be a fulfilling career for those who score high in Ideaphoria.

Initial Steps for Job Changers
Initial Steps for Job Changers discusses strategies for learning about career fields and how to find a job in your chosen career.

What Aptitudes Do Doctors Typically Have?
The Foundation has performed a study of physicians; the results are summarized here.

Medical Careers for People Without the Structural Visualization Aptitudes
The above-cited study (among others) suggests that one of the aptitudes physicians possess is Structural Visualization. For those who don't, there are careers closely related to medicine that make less demand of this aptitude. Robert Nagle, a former staff member in our Houston office, explores these in Medical Careers for People Without the Structural Visualization Aptitudes.

Music and Objectivity
Music and Objectivity outlines the many career options available for those who possess auditory aptitudes and score Objective in personality.

No High Scores?
What if all your scores are in the average or low range? Advice for this pattern is given in this article.

Software Engineers Have What It Takes
In this article, Russell Burke, director of our Washington D. C. office and research consultant, relates some of the findings from a study of software engineers conducted in order to learn more about the aptitudes used in computer-related fields.

The High Structure and Low Graphoria Aptitude Pattern
Structural Visualization with Low Graphoria considers the special challenges faced by people with this pattern and offers some solutions.