Validation: Occupational Plots

Performance of Occupational Groups on Ideaphoria


For the over 30 years the Research Department has maintained a database of test scores and associated data for the Foundation's examinees, including occupational codes from 1989 onward.

Our researchers have used this database to form plots of how examinees who reported liking various occupations score on the standard battery tests.

The emphasis is on "professional" occupations, which are the greatest interest to the majority of our examinees. Most of the plots offer support for the Foundation's earlier findings or hypotheses about the aptitudes of occupational groups.

For instance, engineers, architects, and those in machine trades score high on the tests of Structural Visualization; musicians score high on the auditory aptitudes; accountants and those in economics score high on Graphoria. The plots do yield some unexpected findings, however.

For example, in the accompanying figure for Ideaphoria, we would expect to find Writing, Editing, and Advertising & Public Relations scoring high, which is the case. The fact that Sales does not score high is somewhat surprising, though. Occupations such as Office Clerical and Machine Trades tend to score low, which we would expect.