We're excited to announce that we now have representation in Austin, Texas! Testing will begin on December 16.

Interested? Contact Michelle Dahlenburg at or (512)-522-1384 for more information. See you there! 

College Application

When almost twenty million students enroll in American colleges and universities every year, one of the biggest challenges in the admissions process is how to make your application stand out. Admissions officers are looking for a well-rounded freshman class (not just well-rounded students) and that means your dream college wants to know what makes you unique. Your application should tell a story about your strengths, passions, and plans. But, that’s easier said than done when you’re still exploring your...

We are conducting a study of the aptitudes of video game designers.

The video game industry has come a long way from its beginning in the early 1970s. Today, games are almost ubiquitous, with games on our cell phones, in our web browsers, installed on our computers, and in our living rooms on our TVs. According to Newzoo, a company dedicated solely to video game and e-sports analytics, global video game consumers (nearly 2.3 billion individuals) will spend approximately $137.9 billion on video games in 2018. Consumers are expected to spend as much as $180 billion by the year 2021....

We are currently seeking translators and interpreters for a research study. The goal of this study is to gather data about the aptitudes of satisfied translators and interpreters.

Translation is a rapidly growing professional field according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and working in a multilingual setting is an increasingly valuable skill. Learning more about this field will help the Foundation in its mission to provide accurate information to clients about their natural gifts and what aptitudes contribute to success in learning and using languages. 

For free,...

JOCRF is in a unique position as a research organization because our clients are our research participants.

The majority of academic psychological research is done on the convenience sample of college students who are in Psychology 101 classes. Generally this limitation is acknowledged and yet tolerated. Research studies on adults who are in their early, mid, or late career are highly regarded.

For that reason JOCRF is fortunate to have such a wide and deep “basin” of data from thousands of past client-participants. Our tests are evaluated and age-normed upon those thousands...

Aptitude Testing at the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation

Chicago’s WGN aired a cover story about the special relationship Johnson O’Connor’s Chicago office has had with Sterling High School in Illinois. For over a decade, a benefactor through the Dillon Foundation has been providing funding for 20-25 students to complete our aptitude test battery. They travel to our Chicago office to take the tests, and then our staff travel to Sterling to discuss the results with the...

Spatial ability and the STEM majors: Where do females with high spatial ability go?
Linda S. Houser-Marko, PhD

Poster presented to the Association for Psychological Science 28th Annual Convention in Chicago, May 26-29, 2016

Spatial ability appears to be an important aspect of working in and studying the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Each field of STEM has a slightly different profile pattern of numerical, verbal, and spatial abilities.

Specific STEM majors have different profiles of numerical,...

I finally got my first job in a new field. I will be working as an office manager and in-house graphic designer for a green architecture firm in Berkeley. Your analysis was absolutely invaluable in targeting this field and understanding that my ultimate goals are much more long range and do not include management.

I will immediately get to use my analytical aptitudes in organizing their office systems, but ultimately hope to use this as an insider's view of the green building field so I can figure out what my next step will be toward eventually being more directly involved in the...



When people ask me how I had the courage to quit my law firm job to create a word game and bring it to market, I tell them that I am an entrepreneur at heart. It took my JOCRF aptitude test results for me to understand that I needed to use my natural abilities in my career to feel fulfilled. I have told so many people about how JOCRF changed my life and now I would like to share that story with you.

When I took the JOCRF tests, I was at a career crossroads. I had taken a break from my career as an attorney to accompany my husband (also a JOCRF client) when his...