The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation continues to present to the public the results both of work done by our own research team, as well as that funded by the Johnson O’Connor Research Support Corporation.

We have long made it a practice to present some of our findings in scholarly outlets such as professional conferences and journals. In 2014, Dr. Linda Houser-Marko and Dr. David Schroeder made a presentation titled “Three Musical Ability Tests as They Relate to Cognitive Measures and Musical Experience” at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco. Later in the year, Schroeder presented “Resemblance for Twins on a Battery of Ability Tests” at the annual meeting of the Behavioral Genetics Association in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Also in 2014, Dr. Rex Jung and his associates, the team of scholars whose research on neuroimaging we are supporting through the Johnson O’Connor Research Support Corporation, published a journal article titled “Subcortical Correlates of Individual Differences in Aptitude” in the journal PLosONE.

The online journal article has been viewed 1,662 times, shared 8 times, and an accompanying figure shared 548 times. According to Altimetric, it stands in the 85th percentile for viewing compared to other articles of same age and journal. Blog posts, tweets, and Google+ mentions have also been noted. This provides an indirect mention of Johnson O’Connor’s aptitude study and an expansion of his vision to a new era and new modes of research. 

Our previous scholarly work continued to receive attention in 2014. Our 2010 article with Dr. Richard Haier and his associates in BMC Research Notes has been viewed by 11,383 persons, while our 2012 article by Dr. David Schroeder and others in BMC has been viewed by 1,196 persons.

According to Google Scholar, the 2010 Haier et. al. article has been cited in 10 scholarly journal articles and books, and our 2009 article with Haier and others in the journal Intelligence has been cited 44 times. In addition, our 2010 article with Dr. Cheuk Tang and others in Intelligence has been cited in 34 articles and books. 

With regard to earlier publications, Schroeder’s 2004 article with Drs. Timothy Salthouse and Emilio Ferrer in Developmental Psychology has now been cited in 87 scholarly journal articles and books, ahd his article with Salthouse in Personality and Individual Differences has been cited 45 times. Our 2001 Intelligence article by Dr. Scott Acton, former research assistant the Research Department, and Schroeder has been cited 41 times. 

In 2015, Jung will host the annual meeting of the International Society for Intelligence Research in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and we anticipate that we will have several presentations on the Foundation’s work.

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