In 2013, Amanda Summers, from the Chicago testing office, and Lisa Cook, from the Denver testing office, reported the results of a survey of satisfaction on the part of clients of the Foundation’s testing service at their two offices. Clients who tested between November 2010 and March 2013 were asked to complete the survey, and 320 Chicago clients and 179 Denver clients responded to the request, for a response rate of about 30% for each office.

One question on the survey asked the clients to identify their reasons for coming in for testing. Clients reported a number of different reasons for being tested: The most common reason was to choose a major or focus for an educational degree, and the second most common reason was to acquire self-knowledge. As one might expect, younger clients were more likely to be tested in order to choose a major, whereas older clients were more likely to report being at a “career crossroads” or being “curious about new career options.”

Other questions on the survey asked about client satisfaction with particular aspects of our service. It was gratifying to see that very high proportions of clients were very satisfied with most aspects of our service. For example, 75.4% of clients reported being “completely satisfied” with their summary sessions, and 17.6% said they were “mostly satisfied.” 

Finally, clients were asked if they would recommend our services to others, and the results are shown in the figure at the top. For the two offices combined, 79.6% of clients said that they “Absolutely” would recommend us.

Summers and Cook wrote up their findings in Statistical Bulletin 2013-11, Results of Online Examinee Satisfaction Survey in Chicago and Denver. The Chicago and Denver offices are now administering the survey to their clients on an ongoing basis, and several other offices are using it with their clients as well.

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