2D Occupational Plots: Structural Visualization and Ideaphoria

Two-dimensional occupational plots show simultaneously the mean performance of various occupational groups on two of our standard battery tests. The figure above shows how a number of groups scored on both Structural Visualization and Ideaphoria. As can be seen:


Post by Kevin Jones

Thirty years ago I had the opportunity to take the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation's aptitude tests. Now I have two degrees and at least two careers under my belt. Thanks to learning about about my aptitudes, I transformed a liberal arts degree with a myriad of interests into a successful and rewarding career.

The trained staff at JOCRF helped me embrace my strongest aptitudes. I then used this understanding to assess my career choices. For example, I gravitated to senior roles with nonprofits where I could use my high Foresight as...

by Jon Durkin

Medicine has become an increasingly popular career goal among college students. Every year larger numbers of first year students at our colleges embark upon pre-medical programs. Of course, only a small fraction of those hopeful entrants last the entire course and eventually earns the title M.D., as the study of medicine is certainly one of the most demanding educational programs in terms of amount and complexity of subject matter and sheer time involved.

The information presented on this page is based upon the test scores of seventy doctors...