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Although our testing is completely confidential, these former clients have graciously consented to share their stories. Some have chosen to use pseudonyms.

Client experiences

A mid-career mother and her high-school daughter, Robin and Victoria, learn about their aptitudes and each other.

We're sometimes asked if the Foundation keeps up, in any formal way, with past clients. Dr. Linda Houser-Marko of our research department recently sent a follow-up survey to a group of early-career adults who tested with us in the past few years.

A very satisfied client talks about how testing inspired his total career change.

Dr. Huntington Lyman discusses how knowledge of his aptitudes has guided his career as an educator.

In an email to our LA office, Garth Johnson shares how testing inspired his career plans.

In Listening to Myself, via an exchange of emails Carly Sumner, a college student, ponders her next steps in moving from medicine to music.

Read what five veterans who participated in American Corporate Partners' mentoring and career counseling program had to say about aptitude testing.

In Finding My Place in Law, a client finally finds a setting that fits with her aptitudes and with what is personally important to her.

Lucy Lewis wrote Choices, Choices Everywhere for her high school newspaper and has allowed us to include it here.

Through aptitude testing, a private investigator uncovers a satisfying career.

Three students discuss with their educational consultants Mary and Dave Reece how aptitude testing helped make plans for college.

Anne O'Hara shares how testing helped her weld together her artistic dreams and her aptitudes.

Hope Grant makes a connection between aptitude testing as a teenager and her current career plans.

In Sixty Years of Guidance, John Alderman tells us how his aptitudes have shaped his career.

Susan Wider talks about what having many aptitudes means to her.

Accomplished professional photographer Will McIntyre discusses aptitude testing and his career.

An unhappy manager learns he may be better suited for consulting.

A software industry professional uses her test results to help chart her course.

A recent college graduate, Alexa Pagel, writes about how knowledge of her aptitudes has help her find the right niche in her chosen field.

In an article from our March 2005 Bulletin, Blair Tindall relates her experience changing her career from a professional musician to a journalist, and how aptitude testing helped her identify the right path for her.

Article reprints

Chris Dupin wrote an article which appeared in Markets magazine (published by Bloomberg) about how aptitude testing can help people find the right niche in business careers.

Robert Pease describes being tested soon after his graduation from engineering school in an article which originally appeared in Electronic Design magazine.

Business Journal published The Examined Life by Paul F. DuFlo.

Dr. Joel Orr discusses how he and his wife's knowledge of their aptitudes helped them better understand each other. It appeared in the journal Computer-Aided Engineering.

A teacher, Anita Cheng, refines her role in teaching after taking our tests.

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